Champions Vince McMahon Did Not Foresee

Vince McMahon has created a wrestling empire and a legacy that will be remembered forever. However, there have been some successful champions in the WWE that did not meet Vince McMahon’s vision. Curious who those champions are? Find out below!

Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero was the most unlikely of champions, mainly due to his addiction to prescription medication and alcohol which eventually led to his release in 2001.

Upon his return to the WWE, Eddie Guerrero turned his weaknesses into his biggest strengths. He connected to the WWE Universe unlike any other, and his legendary “I lie, I cheat, I steal” will live in our hearts forever.

Dean Ambrose

It is not really news that WWE management has a dislike for the lunatic fringe. Ambrose looking like the common man with a little bit of a nervous tinge, Ambrose was not expected to become a champion. However, at this time Ambrose already has multiple titles to his name.


The reason why Vince McMahon did not want Christian to be champion was unusual, to say the least. According to WWE writer Alex Greenfield, Vince had a problem with Christian’s “ratty” face.

Despite Vince McMahon’s objections, Christian did make it to the top and did win the World Heavyweight Championship against Alberto Del Rio in 2001.

AJ Styles

Being signed with the WWE was a dream came true for Styles, but Vince McMahon apparently believed that nobody would know him when he was tossed in the Royal Rumble at number 3. Of course, he was very wrong. Still, Styles eventually convinced Vince with his incredible skill and talent.

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy did not fit Vince’s image of a champion – large with good promo skills. However, Jeff Hardy has done some amazing things in the ring over the years, leading to incredible merchandise sales. Naturally, merchandise sales definitely made Vince change his mind!

Rey Mysterio

Measuring only 5’6, it was clear Rey Mysterio did not meet Vince McMahon’s standard. Of course, the crowd loves an underdog with loads of talent, which eventually catapulted him to win the World Heavyweight Championship. Still, despite his success, Vince believed Rey had to obtain his victories by just escaping from a certain loss.

Rey Mysterio is one of my favorite wrestlers, right alongside Chris Jericho, Edge, and Eddie Guerrero. So, Vince, I think you were dead wrong!

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan was never supposed to be a champion, despite the chants of the people to give Bryan a championship shot. However, with CM Punk leaving the company in an air of controversy, WWE management was forced to listen to the WWE Universe and finally gave Bryan the championship he deserved.


There have been many champions that were never supposed to make it to the top. This once again proves that the WWE management can get it wrong.

Is there anyone on the current roster you believe is worthy of a championship shot, even if the WWE management think him or her unworthy? Let us know your suggestions in the comment section below!