5 WWE Superstars Who Won All Major Titles – Some Might Surprise You!

With so many titles over the years, it is hard to keep track of the WWE Superstars that have won all the major titles aka the “WWE Grandslam.” Fortunately for wrestling fans, we have compiled a list of wrestlers who did win all the major titles during their reign. Some of these might surprise you!

Five Unexpected WWE Grandslam Winners!



You’ve read it right. JBL is one of the wrestlers who won all the major titles during his reign; this includes three reigns as the WWE tag team champion (APA), WWE champion, intercontinental champion, United States champion and European champion.

Eddie Guerrero

I have to admit I would honestly be upset if it turned out that Eddie Guerrero was not a part of this list. Even though he died before his time, Eddie Guerrero did make a stamp on the wrestling business by becoming a multiple champion.

Over the course of his career in the WWE, Eddie Guerrero won the European Championship twice, the Intercontinental Championship twice, United States Champion, and the Tag Team Championship four times. He also won the WWE Championship in 2004.

Kurt Angle


The next WWE wrestler on this list is none other than Kurt Angle. During his active reign in the WWE, he won all the featured titles. Still, there is something else that makes him stand out from the rest of the champions because Kurt Angle acquired the titles in three years time!

Titles that were conquered by Kurt Angle during his reign include the Intercontinental Championship, European Championship and the WWF Championship. Kurt Angle also won the prestigious King of the Ring Title in his debut year.

Kurt Angle was not done though, because he would win other prestigious titles too; this includes the WCW Heavyweight Championship, the United States Championship and the Hardcore Championship during his second year in the WWE. In his third year, he would conquer the only title he did not have on his resume yet, the WWE Tag Team Championship.


Yes, Edge is also one of the few superstars who achieved the so-called WWE Grandslam. He is best known for dominating the tag team division with Christian, but he also became an extremely successful solo wrestler.

In addition to the Tag Team Championship, Edge also won the United States Championship and Intercontinental Championship six times. He also won the WWE and World Heavy Weight Championships a whopping 11 times. All put together, Edge won 31 Championships!

Daniel Bryan

Another “unexpected” addition to the WWE Grandslam list – even though I’m a big fan – is Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan was never expected to be a major star in the WWE, but he proved that even the management can be very wrong!

During his reign, Bryan won the US Championship, World Heavyweight Championship, Tag Team Championship and the Intercontinental Championship. There is only one thing I can say to all of that. Yes! Yes! AND Yes!

What do you think of this list. Are you surprised that icons such as John Cena and the Undertaker are not on the list of WWE Grandslam winners? Let me know your unsalted opinions below.

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