For a WWE Superstar, the camera is always rolling. It is the life of a celebrity. You have to watch what you’re your doing and in this case…eating. Seth Rollins, after tumbling out of the ring at a WWE Live event, decided to grab a little snack for himself. I don’t think this will get him in trouble. But it will no-doubt anger his fellow Crossfit cultists.

The Architect just needed a little mid-match snack. Since he was in the middle of a match he couldn’t whip-up a protein shake or a paleo snack bar. So Seth Rollins grabbed the next best thing, cotton candy. Pure spun sugar and food dye. If that isn’t CrossFit healthy, I don’t know what is!

Seth Rollins Isn’t The First To Eat During A Match

Randy just wanted a Christmas cookie!

Don Muraco would bring a sandwich to the ring!

Even the Boogeyman had to eat!

Image result for boogeyman worms

There’s always room for turkey and pie around Thanksgiving!

Of course Stone Cold always had a few Stevewisers after a match.

Image result for stone cold beer

Or sometimes you just get popcorn poured on you!

Image result for dean ambrose eating popcorn Don’t worry Seth, like the Rock, you’re allowed to have a cheat meal every now and again!


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