Who is Jason Jordan? 5 Fast Facts About the WWE Superstar

Raw General Manager Kurt Angle recently revealed a big secret:

WWE Superstar Jason Jordan is his son!

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But that’s all just a storyline, of course. Who is Jason Jordan really? Here are five fast – and real – facts about Jason Jordan.

1. He Was Almost a Professional Baseball Player


When Angle said on Raw that Jordan was a three-sport athlete in high school, he wasn’t lying. Jordan – real name Nathan Everhart – was a member of his school’s wrestling, football, and baseball teams. In fact, Jordan was so gifted at baseball that he was “going to get drafted out of high school” by a professional team, but he “decided to wrestle in college instead and pass up on the baseball opportunity.”

2. He Was Ranked as the No. 2 Heavyweight Wrestler in the Country


Jordan attended Indiana University on a Division 1 wrestling scholarship. While wrestling for the Hoosiers, he was ranked top 15 in the nation three years in a row and was a three-time Division 1 national qualifier. In his senior year (2009-10) he went undefeated in the regular season (35-0) and was ranked the No. 2 wrestler in the country at heavyweight.

3. He Was Planning to Go to Dental School When WWE Called


Jordan graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor’s degree in biology and minors in chemistry, social science, and medicine. He was planning on going to dental school when WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Brisco called him up for a tryout:

“I have nothing but great things to say about Jerry Brisco,” Jordan noted. “He came to the Big 10 Tournament and the NCAA Tournament my senior year, and after that wrestling season, he got in contact with me, and he got me hooked up to go to Tampa and have a tryout at FCW in 2010.

“I told him prior — and some of the talent relations with WWE — that I wanted to finish college. So I went back to Indiana and coached a year while completing my degree. After that, the opportunity was still there to sign the [developmental] contract with WWE, and I signed in 2011.

“Jerry Brisco is the whole reason that I’m having the career that I’m having now.”

4. Kurt Angle is a “Huge Inspiration” to Him

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Long before he was revealed as Angle’s long-lost son, Jordan told ESPN that the Olympic gold medalist is a “huge inspiration”:

“I grew up watching Kurt and so I’ve studied him a lot and figured out what it is that made him so great, what made him so amazing to watch,” Jordan told ESPN. “So trying to make sure that I picked up some of those things, but at the same time being myself, because I never wanna try and mimic somebody else. I wanna be myself and be the first Jason Jordan. I don’t wanna be the second Kurt Angle.”

5. He Worried He Wouldn’t Make it in WWE

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Jordan signed with WWE in 2011, and there was a time when he worried he wouldn’t make it:

“There was definitely the thought,” said the 28-year-old. “I was always confident in my ability, I was always confident in the talent that I had, and I felt WWE was a very good fit for me. After it didn’t happen for a couple of years and I had a knee surgery and everything, there were times I had doubts. Not that it wasn’t gonna happen, just that maybe it wasn’t the right time and maybe I had to take a step back and really find myself before I can move forward and be successful in WWE.”

Clearly all the hard work has paid off!

What are your thoughts on Jason Jordan? Do you think he has the potential to have a successful run on the main roster? Share your comments below!

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