What’s The Big Secret Kurt Angle Will Reveal On Raw?

There’s been an intriguing storyline developing in the background of Monday Night Raw since the end of May, and tonight it will finally come to a head.

For weeks now, announcer Corey Graves and Raw General Manager Kurt Angle have been receiving texts from an as-yet-unrevealed third party taunting them about a scandalous “private matter” concerning Angle. If you haven’t been following the storyline, here’s a great little recap. But what you really need to know is that on tonight’s episode of Raw Angle will finally go public with his secret – and the mysterious texter will join him in the big reveal.

But what you really need to know is that on the July 17th episode of Raw Angle will finally go public with his secret – and the mysterious texter will join him in the big reveal.

Of course, all this begs the question: who was Angle talking to on the phone, and what’s his big secret?

Before I try to answer that question, though, let’s just get this out of the way: context clues have made it pretty clear that the scandal involves either an extramarital affair, an illegitimate child, or both.

Firstly, on the June 19th episode of Raw – notably, the day after Father’s Day – Graves approached Angle and told him, “It’s too bad you didn’t have a good Father’s Day. I know why: I got the same text that you did.”

Secondly, whoever was on the other end of the phone, Angle told them that he’s “proud” of them and “I love you” (see video above).

Thirdly and finally, James McKenna, a senior writer for Pro Wrestling Sheet, tweeted this on Father’s Day:

All that being said, let’s tweak my earlier question: Who did Angle have an affair with, and who could be his illegitimate child?

The Affair: Stephanie McMahon… Or Dixie Carter?

Stephanie McMahon, of course, is the obvious pick to be Angle’s mistress. If you’ve been watching WWE since the Attitude Era, you already know that Stephanie was previously involved in a storyline love triangle with Angle and her husband, Triple H.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2N2uLkdzE-U]

Could WWE be reviving this storyline now that Angle is back with the company? It certainly seems likely. Rumor has it that Angle is prepping for an in-ring comeback against Triple H, and an affair with Stephanie would certainly be the reason to kick off that feud.

However, some fans also think that Angle’s mistress could be former TNA/Impact Wrestling president Dixie Carter. If that sounds insane, just last night Carter herself appeared on the WWE Network – in a documentary about Angle.

It’s certainly an intriguing theory. But Stephanie just makes so much more sense.

The Illegitimate Child: Chad Gable? Aurora Levesque? Corey Graves?

The revelation of an affair seems pretty likely, so the best way for WWE to spice up this storyline would be to throw an illegitimate child into the mix, which is a trope that Vince McMahon has an odd obsession with. So, who could Angle’s bastard kid be?

Buckle up, because things are about to get weird.

My favorite theory is that Chad Gable is Angle’s secret son. Gable himself is an amateur wrestler and Olympian, and back in NXT the fans at Full Sail would chant his name to the tune of the infamous Angle “You Suck!” chant.

Besides, I’m not gonna lie – Gable totally looks like he could be Angle and Stephanie’s son.

There is a bit of an age issue, though. Gable is 31, which means that Angle and Stephanie would have respectively been 17 and 10 (!) years old when they had him. Of course, WWE could certainly say that Gable is younger than he is, but the reality of the situation would just make the whole thing weird.

Another theory is that one of Stephanie’s real-life children with Triple H was (storyline) fathered by Angle. Stephanie and Triple H’s oldest daughter, Aurora Levesque, was born in 2006 – the same year that Angle left WWE. In fact, she’s turning 11 on July 24th, one week to the day after Angle will make his big announcement on Raw. How coincidental.

However, the wackiest fan theory I’ve seen is that Corey Graves will be revealed as Angle’s son. They are both from Pittsburgh, but again there’s the age issue: Graves is 33. But if you want a good laugh you should read this time-traveling “forensic investigation” from Reddit user Drama79.

So there you have it: all the best (and craziest) speculation about what Kurt Angle is set to reveal next week on Raw. What’s your favorite theory or what do you think the big reveal will be? Could it be something else entirely? Gasp: Maybe Angle knows what’s in the lock box?! Share your comments below!

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