The Hardys Continue to Tease The Return of Their “Broken” Personas

Ever since the Hardys returned to WWE, fans have been begging for the debut of the “Broken” gimmick that revitalized their careers in TNA. Despite alleged legal issues and Impact/GFW being obstinate, the belief among insiders and fans is that it is a matter of time before the Hardys are once again “broken.”

The legendary tag team has been upping their teasing in the last few weeks. Key phrases have been slipping into their promos, and even commentary has let a “DELIGHTFUL” slip in every now and again.

However, on the July 11th episode of Raw, we got the clearest indication yet that the Hardys will soon be returning to their “Broken Universe.”

For context, the lines are direct quotes from the Hardys while living the “broken” life.

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Jeff even wrote a song about becoming “Obsolete.”

How will The Hardys become Broken?

The Hardys and their opponents have referenced the brothers’ initial run as a “nostalgia act” is running towards the end. It only makes sense that Vince will allow the Hardys to build upon their momentum and bring back the Broken gimmick. But how will it work? Here’s my idea:

The Hardys are teaming up with up-and-coming Superstar Finn Balor. They are also feuding with both Anderson and Gallows and the Revival. Dock and Gallows were previously part of the Bullet Club in Japan, which was founded by Balor. Balor has already been teasing a darker “Balor Club” gimmick separate from his demon persona. It would make sense for Balor to betray the Hardys and re-form his “Club” with Gallows and Anderson. This final betrayal combined with all the failures they’ve had as a team will take the brothers over the edge. This disappointment will BREAK THEM.┬áThe Hardys as zany and bizarre “Broken” characters would get the WHOLE crowd chanting “DELETE” and “DELIGHTFUL.”

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We’ve had enough of the slow-burn. It is time for the Hardys to DELETE their old personas and revive themselves into Broken Brilliance.

Do you want the Broken Hardys to come back? Share your thoughts.