The Great Khali Returned to WWE During The Punjabi Prison Match

The main event for Battleground was Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton in a Punjabi Prison match for the WWE title.

But the Internet has been lit a flame with a shocking return of a previous World Heavyweight Champion.

The Great Khali, the “inventor” of the Punjabi Prison match, was involved in the main event.

Khali, despite previously feuding with Mahal, helped Jinder win the match!

We got hints from James McKenna, the ProWrestlingSheet writer who hinted for weeks at the eventual reveal of Jason Jordan as Kurt Angle’s son.

Surprises in wrestling are rare, but they’re oh so fun. And honestly, the PPV needed it. A lackluster night of matches killed the crowd. Also didn’t help that a lot of the crowd couldn’t even see the match because of the big bamboo bars. Khali’s return, one of the Singh brothers being dropped from the top of the prison through a table, and the opening tag match were definitely the highlights of a rather bland night.

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