Smackdown Live Segment Hints At US Title Feud Between Styles And Nakamura

AJ Styles is currently the United States Champion after winning the belt from Kevin Owens at a WWE live event in New York City. The two are scheduled to face off against each other at this Sunday’s Battleground PPV. Assuming Styles retains against The New Face of America, who should AJ feud with next?

WWE hinted heavily at the next feud last night, and fans are understandably ecstatic.

A lot of fans want the two to feud over the WWE title, though.

A Legendary Feud between Styles and Nakamura

Styles and Nakamura were both wrestled for New Japan Pro Wrestling until January of 2016. Their matches were considered classics. Both wrestlers are known for having a great match with anyone. Putting the two best in the world together in a feud would melt the crowds’ collective face off.

Just check out these highlights:

The rumors are flying that the two will be wrestling at SummerSlam. While that would certainly be epic, a lot of people want Nakamura and Styles to be saved for the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania!

Some thoughts on this via Bleacher Report:

Through it all, a dream match pitting Styles up against Nakamura in a WWE ring has been the ultimate goal for fans familiar with their storied past. Of course, such a marquee match deserves to take place at WrestleMania, and next year’s installment is a fitting stage for it to come to fruition.

Then again, we have seen long-awaited encounters occur at secondary events before, including Money in the Bank (such as Styles vs. John Cena). It would be easy for WWE to rush into the rivalry later this year, but holding off on it will make fans want to see it happen that much more.

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