Report: Paige May Be Charged With Battery Over Airport Incident With Patron

The ongoing saga between Paige and Alberto Del Rio takes another turn. Following reports of an altercation at the Orlando Airport and Paige’s family claiming the Impact Wrestling star was abusing the former WWE Diva’s Champion, Patron was stripped of a title and suspended by GFW/Impact.

There have yet to be charges filed in the airport incident and authorities previously said that only Patron was under-investigation. According to a statement was given by the Orlando PD, the story on this has changed big time.

Via ProWrestlingSheet.

A rep for the Orlando PD tells us, “OPD detectives have found that probable cause exists to charge Saraya Bevis with Battery (Domestic Violence). Detectives have sent the information to the State Attorney’s Office for review and the SAO will determine whether to file charges in the case.”

Paige Needs Help

This is a shocking turn of events, to say the very least. Paige did say that she was the one who instigated and attacked Patron. Many people, including this writer, doubted Paige’s side of the events. It is still possible and likely that Patron is abusing Paige. It seems likely now that both are abusing each other. I don’t need to explain further how unhealthy this is. Their careers’ are in free-fall. Both need to come clean and get the help they obviously need. Despite being raised in the wrestling business and becoming the youngest Diva’s champion in history, Paige is still very immature. It is possible that Patron, like Brad Maddox, used this to his advantage to take a vulnerable yet talented young girl under his wing.

It is more clear now that this couple are in serious need of help. Maybe some time in jail wouldn’t be the worst thing for both of them.

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