Paige Issues New Statement Following Orlando Airport Incident

Embattled WWE and ex-“Total Divas” star Paige has generated a lot of buzz over the last few days. It isn’t the good kind, either.

Earlier this week police responded to a “domestic violence” incident at Orlando International Airport involving Paige and fiance Alberto El Patron. Paige was visibly upset and screaming for El Patron to leave her alone. There’s audio of the incident.


Impact and Global Force Wrestling has indefinitely suspended El Patron. Most disturbing are the claims from Paige’s own family that El Patron “beats” Paige and has attempted to get her fired from WWE.


Based on the audio of the incident it’s pretty clear that Paige and El Patron’s relationship is unhealthy. Which is why it’s so heartbreaking that Paige continues to defend him.

What Paige Said

On Wednesday, Paige issued a lengthy statement on Twitter “clearing up the airport situation.” Not only does she defend El Patron, but she also claims that she was the abusive one in the incident.

A cursory glance at the replies to Paige’s tweet makes it clear that no one believes her version of events. I’m not sure I do myself.

It’s obvious that Paige’s relationship with El Patron is doing her far more harm than good. My heart goes out to her. I sincerely hope that she can find the help she needs to get her life on track.

What are your thoughts on the airport incident? Who do you believe? Share your thoughts below.