Kofi Kingston Becomes Only Wrestler To Hold 5 Different WWE Tag Titles

Despite Battleground being a lackluster PPV, WWE made history in Philadelphia. The New Day wrestled phenomenally against the Usos and won the Smackdown tag titles. Making them the first tag team to hold the Raw and Smackdown Tag Titles in the new brand split era. A New Day member reached another milestone, and it is arguably bigger and more important.

Kofi Kingston’s Legacy

During the New Day’s Year plus run as WWE/Raw Tag Team Champions, Kofi also broke the record as the longest reigning combined tag team champion of all time.  Kofi has held tag gold with CM Punk, Matt Sydal, R-Truth, and the New Day. He’s been on the main WWE roster continuously for ten years. Hard to believe, because he still wrestles with the same energy he had as a young fake Jamaican.  In my opinion, there is no question that Kofi Kingston is a first ballot WWE Hall of Famer. His longevity, re-invention, and numerous title reigns attest to that.

Here is the New Day discussing Kofi’s Legacy

Kofi’s Memorable Moments

While Kofi Kingston’s career got a needed jolt when he joined up with the New Day, long before that he was a highly decorated mid-card wrestler who had gone up against some of the best WWE had to offer.

He started off on the re-booted ECW as a bright-eyed “Jamaican” fan favorite!

But he soon established himself as a great wrestler, beyond his silly gimmick.


I have been a fan of Kofi Kingston’s for a long time. I’m glad he has received the accolades he deserves for his years of constant performance. Hopefully, we get more from him in the years to come, and he continues to perform as a reliable veteran! He’s been a reliable and versatile talent in the WWE! On the other hand, the one thing I miss about his current run is his fun old entrance music!

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