“Game of Thrones'” The Mountain Was Scouted By Triple H For NXT

The hottest show on television, Game of Thrones, is back on the air. It features a fantasy world where people fight over seemingly everything. They often do it while wearing fantastic costumes and have names such as The Imp, The Mother of Dragons, The Hound, and The Mountain. Kinda sounds like wrestling, doesn’t it? Did you know that one of the stars of Game of Thrones was actually recruited to become a WWE wrestler?

The Mountain

Thor Bjornsson, who plays Gregor Clegane aka “The Mountain” on Game of Thrones, is a former champion strongman and frankly A MOUNTAIN of a main. At 6-9 and over 400 pounds he’s the perfect guy to join the Land of the Giants.


In 2015 he attended an NXT taping and was photographed alongside Stephanie McMahon and Triple H.

He even had a workout at the Performance Center.


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Let’s not forget, Björnsson is a guy who spends his time away from the set breaking 1,000-year-old weightlifting records. Mark Henry probably has to retire soon, so maybe it’s time to replace the World’s Strongest Man with HISTORY’S Strongest Man.

It would be great to have this guy on NXT or WWE roster. He is a true specimen and oddity, the type of guy Vince absolutely drools over!

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