Daniel Bryan And Renee Young Debut “Smacking Talk” After Smackdown Live

WWE announced a dramatic change to Talking Smack, the beloved post-show that ran after Smackdown Live. Yet it isn’t going away forever. Apparently, it will only be aired after Pay-Per-Views.

And this comes as a shock to us and the rest of the WWE fan base. Because Talking Smack was by far the most original show on the WWE Network. They had something for everyone and really added to the storylines. I am upset it is going away.


Talking Smack was live after Battleground, but the lineup was different! 

Young confirmed that she would still be the host as well.

King has been on Talking Smack before. But Talking Smack is at its best when it Renee Young and Daniel Bryan. Though, in my opinion, King will be better than other occasional co-hosts JBL and Shane McMahon.

Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan announced that Talking Smack would be coming back after the July 25th Smackdown but on TOUT. No word yet on if Bryan is serious about this. WWE used to push Tout use heavily before abandoning it in 2014.

A lot of people (myself included) thought this was a joke. But it turned out to be real! Here’s the first episode of Smacking Talk!

WWE talent and fans mourned the loss



Due to the sudden news, fans started a petition on change.org to get the show back. As a result, over 8,500 fans signed the petition.


How Renee Young and Daniel Bryan Found Out

WWE made the announcement on their website. But they didn’t even let the hosts know. Consequently, here’s how Renee Young and Daniel Bryan found out.

While WWE is known for making quick decisions, it is bizarre that they wouldn’t let the hosts of the show know. Personally, my biggest fear is that this might lead Young and Bryan to leave the WWE.


Talking Smack was unique among all of WWE’s programming. WWE is well-known for being heavily scripted. Yet, talking Smack had an improvised feel. This allowed for some buzz-worthy and unique moments. Probably most notably the Miz “shooting” on Daniel Bryan.

However, they still found time to put some good “pro wrestling” style action on the show.

Will you miss Talking Smack? Share your thoughts.

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