Brooke Hogan Wants To Team Up With Ronda Rousey

Is Ronda Rousey going to sign with WWE? Maybe. Her appearance at the Mae Young Classic certainly raises the possibility that the former UFC champion is joining up. She certainly has the athletic ability and the mic skills. She, of course, would need to train to become a professional wrestler. But that would take much time. Especially considering the skills she already possesses. Her name recognition and popularity would make her the hottest WWE signing since Brock Lesnar returned.

But who could she team with? If not with her indie wrestling friend Shayna than maybe Hulk Hogan’s failed pop star daughter Brooke? We didn’t come up with this bizarre idea though. That would be the daughter of the Hulkster herself.

Hogan and Ariel Teal Toombs (daughter of the late Roddy Piper) talked about wanting to team-up with Rousey during a night out in LA

Brooke Hogan?

Brooke Hogan hasn’t been too busy recently and no doubt needed the press that came from the TMZ paparazzi. Hogan was last seen in a “blink and you’ll miss it” role on the Netflix series GLOW. As for wrestling experience, Brooke had some time in TNA has a valet for her father and Bully Ray, but was widely panned for her bad acting.

There is no question Ronda is astronomically more famous than Brooke. Brooke may be well-known in wrestling circles but she is a Z-list celebrity at the most. I don’t think WWE has any interest in bringing Brooke into WWE. Especially when her father is still on the outs with the company following his racist outburst.

Rousey doesn’t need Hogan or anyone in her corner. She’s a powerful force on her own and doesn’t need someone like Brooke Hogan to show her the wrestling ropes.

Do you think Brooke Hogan and Ronda Rousey would make a good team? Share your thoughts.