Bo Dallas Bo-Lieves In Lizard People and a Lot of Other Conspiracy Theories

Bo Dallas has had a rough go of it in the WWE. Honestly, he hasn’t done much since winning the NXT Championship back in 2013 – and apparently all that down time has led him to bo-lieve in some pretty… interesting conspiracy theories.

bo dallas conspiracy theories

Dallas appeared on the most recent episode of Chris Jericho’s podcast “Talk is Jericho” to discuss these myriad conspiracy theories, including his favorite theory that Illuminati lizard people live at the center of the Earth:

Dallas said, “Nobody’s drilled farther than 12 miles into the Earth’s surface, so the theory that our earth’s center is filled with molten lava, there’s nothing that backs that …”

Bo then went deeper into his theory on the middle-of-the-earth dwelling race of reptilian people … explaining “The reptilian people are the higher class of people who kind of run the world. And you can look it up online or wherever you wanna look, but there’s family trees of how it’s connected.”

He also goes on about a race of giants and says they may live inside the center of the earth with the reptilian people, but concedes that his brother Bray Wyatt knows more about that.


Dallas also apparently bo-lieves that the moon landing video was faked, that 9/11 was “a controlled destruction,” and that there are actors paid by the government to give interviews to help debunk conspiracy theories.

Listen to the entire interview below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESSEXdGMgxg]

I don’t know – a big part of me thinks this whole thing could be a giant work. After all, would anyone have taken notice of this interview if he hadn’t said all this crazy stuff?

What do you think? Does Bo Dallas legitimately believe in these conspiracy theories or is he playing us all? Share your thoughts below!

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