Baron Corbin Caught On Camera Consoling Crying Child

Baron Corbin is a tough meanie. He is not in the wrestling business to make fans. Now as Mr. Money in the Bank, the Lone Wolf can strike at any time and he is not afraid to do so. Lately, his target has been fellow former NXT star, Shinsuke Nakamura. But in the past, Corbin has shown a willingness to destroy anyone and everyone who gets in his way.

But that doesn’t mean the big man doesn’t have a soft side. Corbin showed himself to be a gentle monster after a taping of Smackdown Live. We think Corbin doesn’t want this to be getting out anytime soon.

D’awww!!! Baron Corbin is such a big softie!  This reminds me of when Triple H did the same thing during a moment when the Authority was being especially mean.

The Lone Wolf responds

The Lone Wolf wasn’t going to let this stand. He’s famous for responding to fans on Twitter and this time wasn’t any different. Corbin made it clear that he wasn’t comforting some random child.

Wrestlers are performers. I know we like to suspend disbelief and play along, but at the end of the day, these men and women are still just playing characters. I’m glad Corbin took the time to console the kid and then was quick to dismiss it as something perfectly in-line with his character.

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