Zack Ryder Officially Returns to WWE Tonight At Money in the Bank

Tonight’s Money in the Bank PPV is historic. Regardless of what happens, tonight will be etched in history. It is the first time in WWE history that there will be a MITB match for a shot at the Women’s Title. While that is the focus of the event, there are several other matches that offer some intriguing possibilities. Both championship title matches feature unlikely competitors. Every Smackdown title is on the line tonight.

Another big story is the big return of a former champion and crowd favorite!

It is the Zack Daddy himself…Zack Ryder!

But, being Long Island Iced-Z, he has different priorities.

There will be no telling what is in store for the Hype Bros. Mojo Rawley still hasn’t capitalized on winning the Andre The Giant Battle Royal at Wrestlemania. Maybe we will get a long-awaited Zack Ryder heel turn? That would be exciting!

Stay tuned for more Money in the Bank coverage all night.