Who Truly Deserves Your Support? The Friendliest Superstars on the Current WWE Roster!

How many times have you bought merchandise supporting a certain wrestler, only to find out they were total douchebags later? I certainly have, which explains why I threw my Brock Lesnar merchandise in the bin a long time ago.

Still, who is worthy of our support at this point? Who are the friendliest WWE Superstars, but also the Superstars with the talent worth supporting? Here are my personal picks!



The Big Red Machine is undoubtedly someone who will go in the WWE Hall of Fame one day, but he is currently still on the active roster. Kane is a fan favorite, because many fans are raving about the niceness and approachability of this WWE Superstar. Kane is also beloved in the locker room. So, next time you buy your merchandise, don’t forget about veteran Kane!

The Miz

Heels tend to be the nicest people in real life. Another talented individual that does not mind interacting with fans and always takes time for a photograph is The Miz. He is a prime example of what a WWE Superstar should be, because he gives fans the respect they deserve.


Of course, giving respect means you get respect back; this is one of the reasons I have tons of Awesome merchandise!


The Miz is a nice guy, but his wife Maryse is certainly a nice person as well. She is a huge animal lover and often spends time to meeting and greeting fans outside the arena before a show. Pourquoi? Because Maryse rocks!


Many fans claim that the King of the Cruiser Weights is quite shy when it comes to fan interactions, but they also say that he is one of the nicest people. In addition to that, he is still one of the most interesting people to watch in the ring!



Even though Edge is not on the wrestling roster anymore, he still does shows for the WWE. Considering the status of this legend, I decided to include him here.


One of the reasons I included him is that even when surprised by a crowd of fans, Edge remains nice and respectful. Fan stories about Edge have been circulating for years and they have all been positive. Most people compliment him on his humor, so if this is what you are looking for, Edge is the one to go to!

Enzo Amore

Enzo is known for the “gift of the gab,” so it is no surprise that his interactions with fans are described as fun and quirky. If you like to have a good laugh when you go to a meet and greet, you certainly need to get yourself some Enzo Amore banter. Of course, don’t forget your Enzo shirt on the way out!

Even though Enzo connects mostly with a younger crowd, he still has a huge adult following too. The best thing about Enzo? He treats every fan with the utmost respect! Take a page out of that book Lesnar!

Who do you believe is the friendliest WWE superstar? Did you meet any wrestler on the current roster (or past roster)? Let us know in the comment section below!

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