Watch: Weird WWE Commercials From Russia

Russia is kind of a strange place. And this has never been made more evident than in their strange WWE commercials.

The folks over at Heel By Nature were sent commercials for Raw and SmackDown Live that have actually aired on 2×2 in Russia, the channel that broadcasts WWE programming. They feature weird graphics and explosions, random footage of old school wrestlers like Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Big John Studd, and cartoon birthday hats. Lots and lots of cartoon birthday hats.

Personally, my favorite moments are when AJ Styles is made to literally explode and when Charlotte flips her hair back to reveal a cartoon party horn in her mouth. Also, Carmella kicking the confetti out of Becky Lynch. Watch below:

I don’t know about you, but I kind of need this game show party hat version of SmackDown Live to happen. Is Bob Barker available?

Anyway, according to a comment on the video from YouTube user “JennyTheNerdBat,” all 2×2 advertisements feature these weird graphics because the channel is aimed at “hip and geeky” viewers. Alright then.

Whatever the case, neither the Bulgarian Brute Rusev or the Ravishing Russian Lana were featured in either of the commercials. It could be because they were both absent from WWE television for quite some time, or it could be because Russians don’t have a whole lot of love for non-Russians pretending to be Russian.

What do you think of these strange Russian WWE commercials? What other odd WWE commercials from around the world have you seen? Share your comments below!

H/T: Wrestlezone