Triple H Flies to UK To Award Hero of Terror Attack With WWE Belt

WWE will always go the extra mile for its fans, especially when one is overcoming adversity or great trauma. A few weeks back, NXT Champion Bobby Roode visited a survivor of the Manchester terror attack. It was a proud moment for WWE. They could have just sent a package or a letter with some autographs. Instead, they sent one of their top wrestlers into the home of this young girl.

Now WWE has stepped up BIG time to honor the hero of the most recent London terror attack. Charlie Guenigault, an off-duty police officer, suffered multiple stab wounds while protecting civilians from attack. He did it all while wearing the shirt of his favorite wrestler, Sami Zayn.

WWE honored Guenigault with his own custom title belt. But they went a few extra steps. The Game himself, Triple H, flew to the UK to personally deliver the belt.


Not only that, but Zayn delivered a personal message to the hero!


I know a lot of fans like to scoff at WWE and their philanthropic efforts, but this stuff is always good. Everyone wins. More so than any entertainment brand out there, WWE always goes the extra mile to show fans that they care about them.

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