The Mystery Deepens – Now Cass Is Attacked Backstage!

The biggest mystery in WWE is who is behind the attacks on Enzo Amore. For the last two weeks on Raw, the Smacktalker Skywalker has been found beat-up in the backstage area. We’ve speculated on who the culprit may be, with a few signs pointing to Enzo’s tag team partner, Big Cass.

Early on this episode of Raw Enzo and Cass were interviewed backstage and both had NO idea who could be behind the attacks.

The Plot Thickens!

While many suspected Cass was the attacker, that theory was seemingly put to rest when the 7-Foot tall wrestler was found buried under equipment backstage.

A piece of Enzo’s jewelry was found backstage But as they say “The show must go on” and Enzo wrestled in his match against Gallows and Anderson with the help of the Big Show.

The new tag team’s chumminess didn’t set well with Big Cass. Do we have another suspect?

The list of Suspects

Despite being attacked, we cannot rule out Big Cass. It is possible he has been attacking Enzo and then set-up his own attack to get the heat off him. Also in the mix are The Revival, Gallows & Anderson, and we can now add the Big Show to the list. Enzo can’t be ruled out either, though his motives are the least clear of anyone.

The weirdest possibility is that Enzo and Cass are BOTH in on it. But the question remains, who benefits? Which Superstar has the most to gain from Enzo and Cass being jumped backstage? And why haven’t camera’s been able to capture any of these attacks? Are they possibly related to the mystery between GM Kurt Angle and commentator Corey Graves? I love a good mystery, I can’t wait to see how this plays out. Surprises in wrestling are so rare nowadays. I hope we can keep guessing and get a shocking result.

What do you think? Who is behind these attacks?