The Most Remarkable WWE Backstage Stories

Having a lot of big personalities backstage can result in some brilliant stories, so I decided to find the most remarkable ones today. Curious to see what funny and not-so-funny situations have occurred behind the scenes of WWE over the years? Find out below!

The Stolen Plane Seat

When the Hardy Boyz won the tag team championship in 1999, they were determined to fly first class. Unfortunately, they were only supposed to fly coach – and inadvertently stole Kane’s seat. Luckily for them veteran Kane did not make a fuss, but they did have to face the infamous wrestler’s court and explain themselves. They eventually ended up buying Kane dinner.

Frugal Foley

Everyone knows that Mick Foley likes to save money; and he takes his money-saving to a whole new level. At one point, Foley convinced Al Snow and Hardcore Holly to ride together in a rental in effort to save some cash.¬†Unfortunately, it didn’t go according to plan – and Hardcore Holly was forgotten at the airport. Adding insult to injury, Foley and Snow enjoyed themselves at a carnival while Holly was stranded.

Like the Hardy Boyz, Foley and Snow had to explain themselves in the wrestler’s court. Fortunately, they had a fair judge in the Undertaker. Snow immediately offered to pay Holly $500, while Foley was forced to pay for Holly’s hotel, food, and gas expenses. Poor Foley; he was just trying to save some cash.

Bribing WWE Creative

Edge and Christian were looking for more TV time to build their career, so they decided to bribe former WWE head writer Brian Gewirtz with an action figure. Of course, this was according to locker room gossip; Gewirtz would later say he only received an action figure he’d wanted since he was a kid. He claimed it was anything but a bribe.

In the end, the Undertaker would once again decide on the matter and made Gewirtz write an essay on why he respected the business. An example of a just punishment for a creative writer!

Eve Torres Chokes Matt Hardy

Another story involving Matt Hardy, although this one had to do with too much alcohol. During an overseas tour, Matt Hardy drank a bit too much, which led to Eve and Matt play-fighting. In the end, Eve choked Matt, upon which he went to sleep. The moral of the story: don’t mess with Eve Torres! At least Stephanie McMahon found it funny.

No Locker Room for the Miz

When the Miz just started out in the WWE, he was accused of getting some chicken crumbs in Chris Benoit’s bags. The result? Benoit was furious and the Miz got banned from the locker room. He was also forced to use the public bathrooms, which led to some awkward conversations with WWE fans. The Miz would later shoot a promo on this and vent some of the frustrations he felt at that time. At least the Miz is Awesome now!

Do you know of any remarkable backstage stories? Share them by posting in the comment section below!