The Biggest Mistakes Made By the WWE, So Far

The WWE is known to make some mistakes, whether those mistakes are made by wrestlers, management, or even the creative team. Of course, everyone’s a critic, but a lot of times critics are right. Below, I have listed some of the biggest WWE mistakes ever made! So be sure to read on and enjoy!

The WWE Goes PG

In my opinion, this is hands down the biggest mistake the WWE has ever made. They made the decision to draw more children to the fan base, and get less complaints from parents in the process. However, the result is an overall older fan base who watch for nostalgia and a lot less creative freedom. Let’s face it, everyone misses the attitude era.

Chris Benoit Who?

After the double murder & suicide involving Chris Benoit, the WWE decided to erase all traces of the disgraced WWE Superstar. Despite his horrendous acts, many believe that Chris Benoit was a victim of the industry.

A documentary after the horrific event would explain that Chris Benoit’s brain resembled that of an old man and that it was severely damaged due to years of steroid abuse and repeated blows to the head. Still, up until this day, the WWE is staying very quiet on the Chris Benoit subject. I think the total abandonment left a bad taste in people’s mouths.

Live “Sex Scene” On Monday Night Raw

During the height of the cheating scandal involving Edge, Lita, and Matt Hardy, the WWE took it one step further by making Lita and Edge do a live “sex scene” during an episode of RAW. Still, I have to be honest that this one did not bother me as much as it did most people. However, most WWE fans still consider the scene as one of the biggest mistakes made by the WWE.

Super Cena

Even though John Cena is a Superstar and deserves the success he has worked for so hard, many WWE fans believe that Super Cena makes the WWE a little more boring. Even though they have stepped away from Super Cena somewhat since the departure of CM Punk, the big presence of Cena still upsets some fans to this day. Still, in my humble opinion, Cena has always been a defending champion and not a paper one like Brock Lesnar.

Not Firing John Bradshaw Layfield

There is no doubt about the fact that JBL is a big bully, yet the WWE has not fired the former wrestler & commentator. Even with Mauro Ranallo leaving the WWE after being bullied by Layfield, the WWE did nothing.

The presence of JBL in the WWE today honestly upsets me on a personal level. I have an aversion to bullies, especially the ones who have no qualms about it. Some fans say that it is his “played persona,” but several WWE Superstars have spoken out about JBL’s backstage bullying behaviour. I tend to believe them.

What do you think is the biggest mistake the WWE has ever made? Is there one of the mistakes above you don’t agree with? Or is there one that should be added in your opinion? Let me know in the comment section below and I look forward to reading it!

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