Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan Returning After Money in the Bank

Smackdown Live has become the “A Show” in the minds of a lot of fans. Part of that can be attributed to the talent and part of that is the show dubs itself “The Land of Opportunity” where guys and gals who wouldn’t get a chance on Raw are showing up and getting big pushes and titles shots. Jinder Mahal is the strongest example of this. In my opinion, however, the true embodiment of “Land of Opportunity” is Smackdown GM and former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. The founder of the “Yes Movement” is living proof that if you just give a wrestler a chance, they can run with it all the way to the top.

Daniel Bryan has been away from Smackdown Live for the last few months helping raise his newborn child with former WWE Superstar Brie Bella. But we have good news for fans, the master of the Yes Lock is coming back soon!

Following the historic Money in the Bank PPV on Sunday, it will be great to have Daniel back. Money in The Bank is clearly biggest PPV yet for the Blue Brand. There will be not one but TWO briefcase winners waiting to cash in on their opportunity. Having both a male and female winner adds a terrific and equitable dynamic that shows Smackdown to be the show of opportunity.

Are you looking forward to Daniel Bryan returning to Smackdown? Share your thoughts.

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