Roman Reigns Shuts Down Hater Who Says Everything Was “HANDED” To Him

Fans on the Internet and elsewhere loudly claim that they dislike Roman Reigns and believe Vince and WWE “handed him” unfair opportunities.

A few months back, Wrestling Observer Newsletter writer Dave Meltzer gave us the perfect antidote to dealing with Reigns hate…silence.

But of course, fans don’t want to be silent. They want to pay their money and boo Roman Reigns. But then they wonder why Reigns is still in a prominent position?

It is also patently false and silly to say that Reigns hasn’t worked hard or has had every opportunity given to him. But one fan had to learn the hard way. Ironically enough the Twitter user “@Servinfools” was served by Reigns and made to look a fool when he told the former WWE Champion “never earned” his position at the top of the company.

This jerk was given a MASSIVE Superman punch RIGHT to the kisser. And deservedly so. WWE Superstars work their tails off and are on the road nearly 300 days a year. Reigns was “handed” opportunities the same way every other title holder and contender receives them. He proved he could draw crowds and wrestler compelling matches.

The idea the Reigns is lazy, or a bad wrestler is absurd. Anyone claiming it instantly shows himself to be ignorant of wrestling. Not only is Reigns a top-tier wrestler, but he is also a top merch seller and had thousands of fans AND haters. And while these detractors think their boos warrant Reigns being left fired or put out of the main event picture, they’re all forgetting something. They’re paying money to boo him. They’re going to the arena, putting down a lot of money to shout at Reigns. You aren’t winning. Reigns and WWE are laughing all the way to the bank.

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