Remembering Eddie Guerrero – Eddie’s Funniest Moments

When I watch the WWE Network, I often find myself coming across segments with Eddie Guerrero. These segments often make me feel sad since this wrestling legend was taken from us way too soon. In honor of Eddie, and to ensure he is never forgotten, here are some of Eddie’s funniest moments.

Too Sick to Fight


Eddie was terrific at lying, cheating, and stealing. To prevent having to fight Batista, Eddie Guerrero pretended to be sick. However, it soon became clear to the WWE audience that Eddie was faking it when the beautiful nurse came in.

While most people bought Eddie’s story, Batista saw right through it and decided to test just how sick he was by sending in a scary doctor. Poor Eddie! A master plan foiled again!

Chyna Vs. Eddie Guerrero


Another hilarious segment with Eddie Guerrero took place when Eddie had to fight his “Mamacita” Chyna. Chyna begged Eddie to take it seriously, but Eddie only had love on his mind. Well, you cannot stop the Latino heat!

Of course, the match would end with a true lying, cheating, and stealing the moment, when Eddie Guerrero tricked Chyna and pinned her.

Apologising to Chyna


The segment that makes me laugh the hardest of all is undoubtedly the segment that took place after the previously mentioned fight. Naturally, Chyna was a little upset with Eddie.

An apology from Eddie Guerrero involves some class A groveling. Unfortunately for Eddie, Chyna was on a diet and didn’t want to talk. However, the puppy did the trick and Chyna became Eddie’s mamacita again.

Big Show Burritos


Everyone knows that Big Show has a massive appetite, and this was exactly what Eddie Guerrero counted on when he executed his burrito master plan. A delivery for Eddie Guerrero ended up in the hands of the Big Show, but with what purpose?

After eating the burritos, it seemed like the Big Show was not feeling too brilliant. Later, it would turn out that Eddie spiked the burritos with some “special sauce”.

The Kurt Angle Auction


Even though Eddie was a heel for most of his career, his heel character was loved. A prime example of how a heel can be hilarious and mean at the same time was during the Kurt Angle auction segment.

During the segment, Eddie came to the middle of the ring and declared he had stolen Kurt Angle’s stuff. The whole point of the segment was to lure out Kurt, so when he did not come out, Eddie started to action off his stuff. Timeless!

Stealing JBL’s Limousine

The last segment I have to mention is the segment where Eddie steals JBL’s limousine. Given my dislike for JBL on a personal level, this is undoubtedly one of my favourite segments. Let’s just say, the limousine lost some wheels. Good job Eddie! Of course, many epic segments with JBL would follow after that.


What is your favourite Eddie Guerrero moment? How great would it be if Eddie was still alive today? Would the WWE be safe, or would stuff mysteriously start to disappear? Let me know know in the comment section below! 

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