Lita and Jim Ross Announced As Commentary Team For Mae Young Classic

WWE’s first tournament exclusively for female wrestlers, The Mae Young Classic, is kicking off next month on the WWE Network. The ladies are from all around the wrestling world. From NXT to Brazil and Mexico. Adding to the event, WWE announced a commentary team that includes TWO Hall of Famers.

Jim Ross and Lita!

This is great news for wrestling fans. Lita is a pioneer for modern women’s wrestlers. Jim Ross being back in WWE calling the action is always a good thing. Recently Ross commentated the UK Championship specials, and Lita worked on PPV kickoff shows and the last season of Tough Enough.

What Jim Ross and Lita bring to the Mae Young Classic

Lita stood out in an era when WWE relegated women’s wrestling to embarrassing matches and silly angles. She stood tall with the boys and could do everything the men could do. Lita made her name in crazy matches featuring the Hardys and Edge and Christian. Of course, she made her mark as a women’s wrestler as the nemesis of fellow trailblazer Trish Straus, even becoming the first women to main event a Monday Night Raw.

Ross’ legacy needs no explanation. He is beloved by wrestling fans for his realism and no-nonsense calling of the action. He is THE voice of wrestling.

The Mae Young Classic will premiere on the WWE Network in late August. The finals of the tournament will be streamed live following Smackdown on Tuesday, September 12th.

The participants already announced include former indie standouts Tessa Blanchard, Abbey Laith (Kimber Lee) Sara Logan (Mary Dobson) and Jazzy Gabert (Alpha Female). They join wrestlers from Mexico, Germany, and India. The field is still filling out and is expected to include stars from Japan, Mexico, and the American indie circuit.

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