Lana Wants to Compete in MITB Ladder Match

WWE Lana

Even though Lana has not made her debut in SmackDown Live yet, the ravishing Russian has not been sitting quietly on the sidelines. Now, the ravishing Russian wants to compete in MITB (Money¬†in the Bank). Here’s the story!

Tweeting Shane McMahon

Superstar Shake Up

The first women’s MITB ladder match is a fact, with possible contestants being Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Natalya, Tamina and Carmella. Of course, it is evident that Lana wants to compete in this legendary match, too!

To ensure she would be considered for the MITB match, Lana tweeted Shane McMahon. Unfortunately, the tweet got some bad responses from fans, saying she needs to fight a proper match on the main roster and that she should check her tweets for spelling errors first. I disagree with the first and will explain why below.

Why Lana Should Be Considered for the MITB Ladder Match

Yes, Lana may not have the experience of the women on the SmackDown roster, but she would certainly make the match more interesting with her appearance alone. Making her debut on the MITB ladder match would be fantastic!

Everyone knows that I’m a Lana fan, so I might not be neutral. However, there is another unbiased reason why I want the ravishing Russian in the MITB match.

Since Alexa Bliss was moved to the RAW roster, there has been a gaping hole in the SmackDown women’s roster. Even though Charlotte moved from RAW to SmackDown, I feel that there is a lack of stage presence in SmackDown. Some women do well on the mic including Lana and Charlotte. Of course, some women are excellent in the ring, but less good on the mic, including Naomi and Natalya.

I believe you need a good mix of stage presence, mic skills, and in-ring ability on the women’s roster. This is why Lana would make a good addition to the MITB ladder match.

**Update*** Lana has debuted on Smackdown and demanded to be added to the match. Shane quickly declined

My Perfect MITB Women’s Ladder Match Line-up

Listen up Vince, because this is money right here! First, Lana should be added for her ravishing presence and her mic skills. Then, complement the line-up with two superstars with amazing athletic ability, more specifically Charlotte and Naomi.

Naturally, you need a submission specialist with great ring awareness too; this is where Natalya comes in. You also need some raw power, which is why you need Tamina.¬†Lastly, you need a popular crowd puller who’s popular with the fans – Becky Lynch.

Now, I realise that Carmella could be an addition to the MITB match, but I find her less than interesting at the moment and sometimes even cringe-worthy. Her mic skills are abysmal and her in-ring ability needs polishing. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate Carmella, but she does not compare to Lana where stage presence is concerned.


The conclusion is simple: Put Lana in the MITB ladder match! She will make things a lot more grand!

What is your opinion about the possibility that Lana will be included in the MITB ladder match? Do you believe she would be a good addition, or would you prefer someone else? Let us know in the comment section below!