Cody Rhodes Wins Ring of Honor World Title

Ever since leaving WWE, Cody Rhodes has been on an odyssey of self-discovery. After admitting to falling out of love with wrestling, the youngest Rhodes wanted to go out and explore the world on the indie circuit. Since then, he has wrestled all over the world as well as for Impact, New Japan, and Ring of Honor.

It is perhaps with Ring of Honor where he has had his most success. Allowed to let his own creative juices flow, Cody has blossomed into the “American Nightmare” a sick inversion of his father’s infamous ‘American Dream’ gimmick. As well as joining the Bullet Club, Cody has feuded with Jay Lethal and a host of ROH’s top talent.

But Cody Rhodes was still searching for one thing, a World Title. And at War of the Worlds, he got his shot. Cody faced off against ROH Champion Christopher Daniels and pulled off a feat his brother nor his father ever could. He won.

Rhodes becoming ROH Champion is proof that he is in the midst of the best post-WWE indie run in recent memory. And his status with ROH adds to the intrigue:

After the match, an emotional Cody celebrated in the ring with fellow Bullet Club members Scurll and The Young Bucks. Given Cody’s free-agent status and repeated refusal to sign an ROH contract, what does the future hold for the ROH World Title? Stay tuned.

Not only that but soon he challenges for the New Japan IGWP World Title. If he were to hold both, Rhodes would solidify himself as one of the best wrestlers working today.

This is a great comeback story. A few years ago, Cody was burnt out and on the verge of completely quitting wrestling. He left WWE to find himself and his love for REAL wrestling. Personally, I have LOVED watching Cody excel on the world stage. He’s proof that if you have the talent and the drive, there is life after WWE.

Cody will be back with WWE. It is a matter of when and not if. But having won this title, it is safe to assume that he’ll be on the indie circuit for a few more months. Cody’s unique free agent status adds a layer of intrigue. He has deals that allow him to work with anyone at any time. I wouldn’t be shocked if he cuts a deal with WWE that would allow him back on TV while still allowing him to fulfill his indie dates, similar to the deal the UK Championship stars have or Drew McIntyre had at the beginning of his NXT return.

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