Brock Lesnar’s Three Craziest Brawls In (and Out) of the Ring

Brock Lesnar is a marquee star. He’s a big draw for WWE. Despite his sporadic appearances that draw the ire of some, Lesnar is a fan favorite. Few wrestlers have the physical presence and raw power of Brock. When you look at him, you’re looking at a legit monster who could murder someone. That’s why every Brock match has a buzz to it. There’s the element of the real that others can’t match.

Often times to build towards that and emphasize the “Big Fight Feel” WWE will stage massive pull-apart brawls that show off Brock’s and his opponents’ ferocity. The fans are always into it.

Here are our three favorite Brock Brawls.

Samoa Joe Steps Up

In the build-up to Great Balls of Fire, Samoa Joe has been showing himself to be the monster we knew from NXT, TNA, Ring of Honor, and the Indies. Joe is unafraid of the Beast Incarnate. Joe corners Brock before the fight breaks down into a melee.


Brock Bloodies Cena

Brock Lesnar returned to WWE by instantly challenging and destroying John Cena. The build to their match. The most telling image from the scene was Cena smiling with a mouth full of blood. This was awesome!

“I’m Gonna Kill You!”

Despite being over a year later, the Undertaker wanted his revenge on Brock for daring to ruin his Wrestlemania streak. Interfering at his Battleground match against Seth Rollins, the Undertaker announced that he wanted Brock in the ring one more time. He got his wish. But first, they squared-up in perhaps the craziest brawl in WWE history. It also gave us maybe the most chilling exchange in WWE history:

Brock: “I’m gonna kill you!”

Taker: “You’re gonna have to!”

Have a favorite brawl we left out? Share it in the comments below.

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