Adam West As Batman Briefly Feuded With Jerry Lawler

The entertainment and comic world lost a true icon. Adam West, the star of the classic Batman TV series passed away at age 88 from leukemia.

While most of us remember West as Batman or as Mayor West on Family Guy, the man who styled himself the “Bright Knight” had a brief foray into professional wrestling.

Adam West, dressed as Batman, squared off with wrestling superstar and comic megafan Jerry “the King” Lawler. Lawler was dressed as the “SuperKing” and squared off against West’s Batman in one of the more bizarre promos in wrestling history.

Watch the exchange below:

I don’t know what’s stranger: the slightly inebriated Batman, or Lawler in a poor rendition of a Superman outfit. Either way, the video is hilarious. Of course the crowd loved it. Lawler was and is the king of Memphis. He can do no wrong in that city.

This is a nice memory of West that shows that he really did love and take his Batman character with him everywhere.

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