Uncovered Video From 1998 Reveals Stone Cold’s Thoughts On Goldberg

At the height of the “Attitude Era,” there were no two bigger stars than Stold Cold Steve Austin and Goldberg.

A lot of people peg Goldberg’s rise to his physical similarities to Austin. Though the comparisons end there as both were entirely different in the ring and on the mic.

Reddit user evanhusney uncovered a video from 1998 of a brief exchange he had with Stone Cold. The Texas Rattlesnake was asked his thoughts on Goldberg. His response illuminates the Attitude Era and highlights the tensions between WWF and WCW.

Austin’s thoughts on Goldberg

In the video, the young evanhusney gets to meet Stone Cold at the Mall of America. He decides to ask the tough SOB about rival WCW’s Goldberg. Here’s how Austin responds.

Meeting “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in 1998 from Evan Husney on Vimeo.

Austin reveals that he has nothing against Goldberg. He feels like he isn’t a good imitation of him but he’s good at what he does.

Our Reaction

Austin’s calm and measured response is a far cry from the beer-drinking and hell-raising menace to society we saw on TV every Monday night. This video was taken at the height of the Monday Night War. WCW and WWF were in a HUGE war for viewers and were at each other’s throats. Austin could have buried Goldberg six-feet under but instead, he just says he’s OK and that he doesn’t begrudge Goldberg for making a living.

It’s refreshing and shows that even if these guys attacked each other on TV every week, they also respect each other and understood the hard work they were putting in.

What blew me away about this was the MASSIVE size of the crowd. It seemed like entire mall was chanting for Stone Cold and wanting his autograph. Just a reminder of how big he was in the last 1990s.

What are your thoughts on this video?

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