Raw Preview: Payback In Full

Last night’s Payback was certainly a PPV that won’t be forgotten, for better or worse. Several feuds were ended, some got new life, others just started.

Here’s what we’re looking forward to tonight on Raw.

Braun Bloodied The Big Dog

Braun Strowman once again destroyed an already beat-up and heavily bandaged Roman Reigns. The Big Dog attempted his best fiery comeback but ended up laying in a pool of his own blood at the hands of the Monster of All Men. Roman showed a bit of a comeback after Raw went off the air, when he avoided being sent through an Ambulance door.


Expect Braun to destroy more people and be cheered for it.

Broken (Tooth) Hardys

Sheamus and Cesaro turned into baddies and jumped the Hardy Boyz after a match that saw Sheamus knock one of Jeff’s teeth out.

Shesaro will probably get a rematch at the upcoming Extreme Rules PPV. Meanwhile, the teasing of the BROKEN Matt Hardy continues:

The Demon King vs the Beast

WWE continues to slowly re-build Finn Balor. He’s destroying everyone he’s facing and is proving that his presence is one of a kind and a favorite among the fans.

Last night during the Kick-off Show, Balor said directly that he wants his Universal Title back before the Miz goaded him into an attack.

Expect The Miz and Finn to face off tonight and for Bray Wyatt to be lurking in the shadows.

Raw is Bliss

Image result for alexa bliss raw champion

You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who thought Alexa Bliss would become the first woman to win both Smackdown and Raw titles. But she has earned it. She held her own against Bayley last night and won a hard-fought battle after ramming Bayley into the corner a few times. Alexa is the true baddie that Bayley needs right now. What does this mean for Sasha? She was absent last night, will she be in Bayley’s corner again?

And all the rest!

  • Seth got a sneaky victory over Samoa Joe last night, the Destroyer will look to get his revenge.
  • Neville cheated ONCE AGAIN! How will Austin Aires respond?
  • What happens to Kevin Owens?

What are you most looking forward to tonight on Raw?

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