Randy Orton Upsets Indie Scene

Randy Orton is not really known as a nice guy in real life, even though he’s a fantastic wrestler! Orton has put his foot in his mouth again though, this time by re-tweeting a comment directed at the indie wrestling scene! Here’s the story!

The Re-tweet

The drama started when Randy Orton re-tweeted a message posted by Ohio Valley wrestling trainer Rip Rogers, who was quite harsh on the indie wrestling scene. Of course, the tweet itself has sparked controversy, but when Randy did this re-tweet, the story got a whole lot bigger.

Unfortunately, Randy Orton made things worse for himself doing another tweet which he considered an apology. Still, I think this tweet came over as arrogant.

Honestly, I do not know how to take these comments. Some of them just seem like a joke, while others seem quite rude, ignorant and arrogant. Orton may be a 13-time champion, but I’m honestly disappointed and expected more from him. Unfortunately, he is off my list now.


Weeks later, people are still talking about the “…dive” controversy and these independent wrestlers decided to parody the situation during a match:

Randy Orton’s Attitude

Recently, Orton was asked about the controversy, here’s what he had to say about it. Spoiler, he didn’t apologize.

As I mentioned earlier, Randy Orton does not hold back when it comes to his opinion. Even though I respected this about him, I think these latest tweets are going too far. Of course, other people might not agree with me, so I’m curious to read your opinions later!

Everyone knows that Randy Orton had some attitude issues in the past; this not only towards fans but also towards the WWE and its management in general. I don’t always agree with the WWE, but there are ways to voice your opinions.

Rochelle’s Bag Nightmare

One story that always stuck out for me is the incident with former WWE diva Rochelle Loewen. She did not recognize Orton during one of their meetings. Orton responded by dumping some products in her bag in the women’s locker room. However, this incident dates back to 2005.

Since Randy Orton got married and is now a dad to his wife’s kids, he seemed to have calmed down somewhat. She certainly has a good influence on him. However, sometimes the old Randy Orton still pops through.

Dishonourable Discharge

Many fans do not know that Randy’s attitude started before he became a big star. Orton served in the U.S. Marine Corps in the 90’s. However, he was dishonorably discharged in 1999, since he went AWOL during his service. So, it does seem like the attitude issue has always been there.

Female Talent Disrespect

The incident with Rochelle Loewen was not an isolated incident because Orton was known to have a terrible attitude towards female talents.

In the more recent past (2011), Orton made some comments on Kelly Kelly. When he appeared on a radio show, he stated that Kelly Kelly slept with at least 10 guys. He would later apologize on Twitter, but the damage was done.

My Take

Unfortunately, I keep on seeing some of the old Randy Orton reappearing. He does have a serious attitude problem, which is somewhat reminiscent of Brock Lesnar.

I do hope he finally grows up at one point because it does affect how he is perceived by the WWE Universe. I’ve officially stopped following him now. I have a zero tolerance policy for brats on my Twitter. Let’s see some non-arrogant talent, please!

What do you think about Randy Orton, his tweets and how he has changed over the years?