May 30th Smackdown Preview: Number One Contenders

Tonight’s Smackdown continues the build-up to their exclusive Money in the Bank PPV. We already have the line-up for the WWE Championship contract match. Tonight will (perhaps) determine that number one contender for the Women’s Title, but rumors are cooking up a bit of a surprise for the ladies.

Here’s what we’re looking forward to tonight.

Ladies on the Ladders

The Smackdown ladies will have a number one contender match tonight to determine who will face Naomi at MITB. However, rumors say that this will lead to the first ever MITB match for the women’s division. This would be huge. Women are already proving that they can pull off all the match’s the boys can.

Expect the match to end in shenanigans and for Shane to make the announcement either tonight or on Talking Smack that the women will be competing for the briefcase.

The Indie Dream match for the Men’s Title shot

The field announced for the WWE title contract ladder match is straight from the Internet’s wildest dreams. Owens, Zayn, Nakamura, Styles, and even Ziggler and Corbin have their big supporters among the “smart set” of wrestling fans. Nakamura and Corbin have never competed in a ladder match before. The rest of the group have done their fair share. We’ll get more into it as the PPV comes closer, but I’ll leave you with a little gem of Zayn and Owens destroying each other in another life.

Uce Next for the Usos?

After dispatching with the Fashion Police last week, the Usos are hungry for a challenge. So, who is next in line? American Alpha have been off TV for some time and seem prime to get their titles back. The Ascension or maybe Primo and Epico? The floor is wide open.

Expect a new contender to be announced tonight.


It appears to be the New Day!

Jinder and the Snake

Jinder Mahal is still champion, and it is still weird. Many people think it is a foregone conclusion that Orton takes the title back at Money in the Bank. I, however, disagree. If they want Jinder to get a good build and be more than a blip in history, he needs to win a few feuds and lose it to a bigger name. We’ll see how this moves along. Expect more carpets and angry promos tonight.

What are you looking forward to tonight on Smackdown? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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