Kings Of Leon Bassist Says Adults Shouldn’t Watch Wrestling – Wrestling Twitter Responds!

There is few things lamer than telling people that “Watching wrestling is for little kids!”

Just because wrestling is sometimes geared towards young kids doesn’t make it a kids show.

Unfortunately, no one told that Jared Followill of Kings of Leon. You know, that band you liked 5 years ago.

This tweet set off a FIRESTORM. Wrestlers and fans went after Followill on Twitter.

In the words of today’s youth, Followill got REKT!






Followill eventually recanted with the lame excuse that he was “kidding”


It is so rare the wrestling twitter can agree on anything. But if one thing brings us all together, it is people bashing wrestling!

Poor guy. He just alienated a whole base of fans just to make a cheap joke in a tweet.

Learn your lesson people. Respect wrestling, or be prepared to pay the price!

Are you a fan of Kings of Leon? Share your thoughts.

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