Eddie Alvarez’s Striking Coach Says Conor McGregor is “One of the Best Boxers I’ve Ever Seen”

Mark Henry knows all too well how fast and powerful the hands of Conor McGregor are, and this is likely a reason why he believes the UFC champ could give Floyd Mayweather some trouble.

Henry is one of the most respected striking coaches in the game, and he has helped the likes of Frankie Edgar and Eddie Alvarez with their boxing. As you know, Alvarez battled McGregor last November, but was taken out by the lightweight in the second round.

Recently Henry spoke with MMA Junkie, and he was asked for his thoughts on McGregor’s proposed bout with Mayweather. Here is some of what he had to say:

“Conor is one of the best boxers I’ve ever seen – ever. From his precision to his power to his speed, and I think he has a shot in the first two rounds,” Henry said. “Because Mayweather, like a lot of boxers do when they’re sparring MMA guys, he may not think he’s that good.

“He might not realize how fast Conor is, and you’ve got to remember that Conor is going to be taller, longer, 13 years younger, and a southpaw. Early on, I’d give him a chance of doing some damage. But after that, it’s not going to be too good (for McGregor).

That’s some lofty praise, and as noted, it comes from one of the most respected striking coaches in MMA. So, for that reason, it’s particularly interesting.

In the boxing community, and let’s be honest, throughout much of MMA, the consensus is that Mayweather will cruise through McGregor. So maybe the decorated boxer will take McGregor likely and underestimate his abilities? Then again, there’s a lot riding on this fight. If Mayweather were too lose, his legacy would take a big time hit.

Recently it was reported that McGregor’s side of the proposed bout is done. Mayweather, however, has yet to agree to terms.

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