Del Rio Under Fire Again After WCPW Match Cancellation

Alberto Del Rio Charges

When Alberto Del Rio is mentioned on a wrestling website nowadays, it is most likely to be something bad. He has been extremely outspoken about the WWE and Triple H in particular over the past couple of months. The controversy continues though since Del Rio canceled a match with WCPW the day after he was seen drinking and partying.

Drinking and Partying on Friday – “Sick” on Saturday

A match cancellation due to illness is not uncommon in the wrestling world and is understandable. However, many fans are upset, because Del Rio was seen drinking and partying on Friday night. The actual match was set to take place on Saturday, but got canceled by Del Rio due to illness; this leads many fans to believe that the wrestler actually suffers from a self-induced hangover.

The Drunken Rants

It’s not the first time Del Rio has been under fire since his drunken rants about the WWE over the past couple of months have been quite noticeable. Del Rio believes that the WWE is responsible for leaking Paige’s sex tapes, but so far, those allegations seem totally unfounded. Still, the lack of evidence does not bother Del Rio, because drunken rants towards the WWE and Triple H specifically just keep on appearing.

Downfall of a Legend

Believe it or not, I used to love seeing Del Rio in the ring. I loved his wrestling ability and ring awareness, but the lines between his personal life and in-ring performance are now blurred. I honestly cannot stand the sight of the man anymore – so maybe he’ll be a good heel? If he wants to act like a child and do all these crazy rants, let him, but once you start canceling matches because you had a heavy drinking binge the night before, something is seriously wrong. Maybe it is time for him to look at his career and change some things before he can’t come back from this? For me personally, this is going to be in my mind for a long time yet, but he’s not beyond redemption.

What Now?

The sad thing about all this? I honestly don’t care about Del Rio and his unfounded allegations. I do care that he is dragging this young woman down with him, who had an amazing future at the WWE before she met him. I loved the fact they were a couple in the beginning, but people’s criticism (and my own for that matter), comes from situations and rants of Del Rio’s making. Still, Paige seems to be the level-headed one throughout all of this.

According to Del Rio, I would probably be one of the “p*ssy ones”. Still, I’m posting under my own name and I’m not hiding behind the keyboard. Linked in my social media pages and everything, so people know who I am exactly. If Del Rio wants to have an open discussion, I certainly welcome it and invite him for an honest interview. He could then provide us with the “evidence” he bases his accusations of and answer some other questions loyal wrestling fans want to know.

What is your opinion on the latest Alberto Del Rio stunt? Can a wrestler cancel a fight after a heavy night of drinking and partying?