Billy Corgan In Talks To Buy The NWA Brand


Smashing Pumpkins leader and wrestling mega-fan Billy Corgan is back in the wrestling business.

He first dipped his toes into wrestling by starting his own indie promotion is his hometown of Chicago, Revolution Pro.

He then became a minority owner and on-screen figurehead for TNA before being forced out in a messy court battle by Dixie Carter.

On his third go into the wrestling world, Corgan has apparently bought one of the most iconic brands in wrestling history, the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA).

more via PWI:

The deal in place would see Corgan purchase the name, rights, trademarks to the NWA as well as the rights and possession of the NWA championship belt.

The PWI article also provides a great history of the NWA from its high-point in the 60s-70s-80s to its current status as a floundering conglomerate of small independent promotions.

Our Take

This is a great move. Corgan has a true passion for wrestling and for bringing it back to the mainstream. His brief time in TNA was considered a success by both fans and wrestlers alike. Corgan having full creative and financial control over such an iconic brand could turn into something really big.

Corgan is also working with former TNA writer Dave Lagana on the project, which could possibly mean that some Impact talent jumps to the NWA project in the near future.

A fourth promotion on national TV could be huge. While Impact and ROH have limited viewership, Corgan has the star power and clout and the finances to put the NWA on TV for a huge audience.

Regardless, competition in wrestling is always a good thing. More big wrestling promotions mean more wrestlers making more money. Fans having to divide their attention means WWE will have to up their game in order to meet a new demand. This is what is playing out in the UK and to a lesser extent on the American independent scene with NXT.

Do you think this is a good move? Share your thoughts.