There’s A Biopic Of Vince McMahon Being Made – Here’s Who Should Play Him

It has been announced that there will be a movie made about the life of Vince McMahon. The man who completely changed the world of pro-wrestling has had a crazy life. His life’s story makes some of the more wild angles in WWE seem tame.

He grew up in a trailer park and didn’t meet his biological father, Vince Sr until he was twelve. From there he helped grow WWF into a global brand and placed wrestling firmly in the pop culture zeitgeist.

His life story isn’t in need of Hollywood embellishment, just the facts should be enough for a compelling film.

So let’s get into who will be playing the Genetic Jackhammer in the film.

Christian Bale

Few actors in Hollywood have shown a commitment to a role’s physicality like Bale. He’s shown himself able to bulk up for a role, and he’ll definitely need to put on some muscle to play Vince.

Hugh Jackman

Image result for hugh jackman lifting

The Wolverine is a Hollywood action icon who has already had a few interactions in WWE with Zack Ryder and others!

John Cena

He’s branching¬†out into acting beyond the normal slate of WWE Films roles. What better way to prove your acting chops than by playing the man who revolutionized your business.

Image result for john cena as vince mcmahon

He’s already got the body-type down and he’s a master impressionist.

Who do you think should play Vince McMahon? Sure your thoughts.