The Friendliest and Most Approachable WWE Superstars!

As a wrestling fan, it is always good to know who you can approach for an autograph outside WWE events. After some research, here is my list of the friendliest and most approachable WWE Superstars!

Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt may be known as the creepy guy with a god complex and a lantern inside the WWE ring, but he is actually quite approachable and friendly outside the ring. Fans have reported Wyatt to be an inspiration, but also down-to-earth. Next time you want to head over to a meet and greet with Bray Wyatt, you can be sure you’ll have some nice memories!

Dean Ambrose


Even though Dean Ambrose has a hardcore image, he is known as the “sweetheart” of WWE wrestling fans. His recent appearance in Total Divas solidified him as a badass, but also as a friendly, caring guy with a true passion for the business.

Daniel Bryan

When it comes down to fan interaction, Daniel Bryan is probably the nicest of them all. Every fan who has had the opportunity to meet Daniel Bryan has nothing but positive things to say. Of course, we all remember the meeting between Connor and Daniel Bryan as well (video above), a meeting that simply brings tears to my eyes this very day.

Rey Mysterio

I’m not neutral when it comes to Rey Mysterio, because the man has been my favorite wrestler of all time for many years. Still, even with my non-neutral attitude, it is no surprise that Mysterio is on this list. He is often spotted interacting with his younger fans and always lets fans know he is approachable. He’s even known to take pictures of himself with fans on his own phone!


Sting has been called the “one of the nicest people in professional wrestling” by colleague and Hall of Fame legend Rick Flair. Fans seem to agree with this statement, because the internet is filled with stories from fans, calling Sting approachable and down-to-earth.

Shawn Michaels

The WWE management never got along with Shawn Michaels. The man won’t let himself be scripted! Still, this is a quality most people love. Also, many fans have reported that since his return in 2002, he’s been polite, approachable, and nothing but nice! While Michaels may have had issues with fans and co-workers in the past, his new attitude is certainly appreciated by the WWE Universe.

John Cena


Cena may be seen as the corporate model of the WWE star, but he’s remarkably approachable and one of the nicest people when it comes down to fan interactions. So, next time you scream out “Cena sucks,” you may want to change it to “Cena rocks!”


Nattie makes a poor heel in my opinion, just because the lady is so damn nice. Who doesn’t love Natalya? Even as a heel, I cannot bring myself to boo her. With years of being one of the nicest WWE superstars out there, Nattie could not be missing from my list!

Have you met a WWE Superstar? Or do you know of a nice WWE Superstar that should have been on this list? Let us know in your comments below!

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