Shawn Michaels And Kurt Angle Being Considered For Raw GM Position

**UPDATE*** Vince McMahon announced the new General Manager During Raw.

Kurt Angle!

All eyes are on tonight’s Post-Mania Raw, and we’re expecting a lot to happen!

One story that has slipped under the radar is who will replace Mick Foley as the Raw General Manager?

Foley was let go by Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon about a month ago for refusing to comply with her order to fire one person from the Raw roster. That leaves the Raw General Manager position empty.

Will there be a replacement announced tonight? Perhaps, and multiple outlets are reporting two Hall of Famers are in the running to replace the Hardcore Legend:

Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle!

HBK has been more involved with WWE recently and has been coaching a “final polish” class for NXT stars headed to Raw or Smackdown.

HBK was also WWF Commissioner for a time during his 4-year retirement from in-ring competition from 1998-2002.

Angle just recently reconciled with WWE after an over ten-year absence. He headlined this year’s Hall of Fame class, and many have speculated that he could wrestle or be involved somehow in the product going forward.

I think either would be a great addition and foil to Stephanie’s character. I’m leaning more towards Angle than HBK, though. Michaels has mentioned in the past that he likes to be close to his family and isn’t interested in getting back in the ring or traveling on the road.

Angle, on the other hand, has been taking several indie bookings since leaving TNA. The Olympic gold medalist can still wrestle at a high level and might have another run in him. However, I think WWE is wary of using him, especially considering his multiple neck injuries.

A GM role would be a good fit for Angle. It would plug him back into WWE and allow the fans the chance to see an old favorite one more time.

Of course, everything is constantly changing in WWE so we could end up with Teddy Long as the GM (HOLLA HOLLA) instead.

Who do you want for Raw GM? Share your pick in the comments!

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