Shane McMahon And AJ Styles Defied All Expectations

The opening match for Wrestlemania 33 was AJ Styles vs. Shane McMahon. The announcement of it had a lot of people groaning. AJ is the best wrestler in the world and Shane is an old guy more famous for falling off of things than wrestling.

The joke all week was “what was Shane gonna jump off of?”

But how did the match go?

It started off with some actual chain wrestling. Shane was trying to grapple with the best in the world.

Both guys tried out each other’s taunts:



Shane threw a few big punches, too! A massive dropkick sent Shane over the announce table. Shane was able to ground The Phenomenal One with a few of his punches.

Shane even did some submission moves!

But then the ref got knocked out:


And then the toys got brought out…by AJ. He tried to set up Shane for the Coast-to-Coast only for Shane to counter it by smashing AJ with the trash can:


Then Shane went for his own Coast-to-Coast, and AJ kicked out!

Shane then went to his “signature move” and tried to put AJ through the announce table, only for AJ to move in the knick of time!


But the crowd went nuts when Shane did a SHOOTING STAR PRESS…that missed.


That was enough for AJ to get a Phenomenal Forearm for the win!

But wow. What a match. Shane defied all expectations. He went toe-to-toe with the best and the crowd loved it and people were impressed!


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