Sandra’s Top WWE High Flyers 90s to Present Day – How Does My List Compare to Yours?

Everyone knows I have a love for high flying wrestling. So, when I create an overview of my favorite wrestlers, 90% of that list is are high flyers. So, why not create an overview of the best high flyers of all-time? Read on to discover my top high flyers and see how it compares to yours!

1. Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy

The number one was a no brainer to be honest because Jeff Hardy has always been my favourite high flyer. No matter what he does, it always looks spectacular!

I’ve seen many WWE superstars attempt a Swanton Bomb, but nobody does it like Jeff Hardy. I can’t explain it, but his Swanton Bombs look spectacular. Add to that his numerous daredevil feats over the years, and you have the ultimate high flyer right there!

Despite the problems he may have had in the past, Jeff is back and just as good as ever! I’ve certainly missed this guy, so I’m happy to see him back with the WWE.

2. Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero

Thinking about Eddie makes me sad because this icon died way before his time. Despite his premature death, Eddie Guerrero is still one of my favorite high flyers. His in-ring ability was outstanding, but so was the humor he brought to our homes every week! Viva La Raza!


3. Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio

Even though Rey is not on the WWE Roster, he is still one of my favorite high flyers. Nobody can forget the 6-1-9, but also the large presence this short man leaves in the ring!


4. Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels

He may just be a sexy boy, but he’s certainly no boy toy. The legendary Shawn Michaels certainly deserves a spot on this list. His Sweet Chin Music is unmatched until this day, but so are the funny moments he gave us in the ring over the years.

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