Renee Young to Become a WWE Wrestler?

Before the rivalry between John Cena, Nikki Bella and the Miz & Maryse, the WWE hinted at a feud between the Awesome one and Renee Young. I couldn’t wait to see how it all played out, but the storyline was quickly buried and never heard from again. Still, there have been rumors indicating that Renee might make an appearance in a WWE ring!

Slap Outta Nowhere

The relationship between Renee Young and Dean Ambrose wasn’t really mentioned on WWE Television until an interview between the Miz and Renee Young, where the Miz dropped some crude comments in Renee’s direction. Many wondered if the comments were scripted or not, since the reaction of Renee was fiery to say the least! Unfortunately, the WWE didn’t take it much further than that, but it did solidify Renee Young and Dean Ambrose as a couple.

A New Rivalry

Renee Young

Nikki Bella and John Cena have announced to take some time off after WrestleMania, but the Miz and Maryse seem to be continuing the spoofs at the expense of the couple. In the meantime, Dean Ambrose is in dire need of some fresh storylines, because the rivalry between him and Baron Corbin left much to be desired in my opinion. Restarting the feud between the Miz and Ambrose could certainly pique my interest. However, I believe things will be more interesting when you throw Maryse and Renee into the mix.

Dean Ambrose Supports Renee

Renee Young

A recent interview with Dean Ambrose published on Inner Wrestling Nerd seems to indicate that Ambrose would love to have a match with his girlfriend.

During an interview with Inside the Ropes, Ambrose said: “I think it would be a… nobody would ever be able to look at her the same way again. She’s known as a bubbly, bright personality. Everybody loves Renee. She’s a sweetheart of Canada. I know a different side of her, and if that were to be unleashed, the rage and the fury of just anger and nails, if that all got on TV it might… it’s bad news, you know what I mean? It’s still a PG product and I don’t think we can have that kind of violence unleashed on any women and I don’t want to see that ugliness but I kind of do. I’ll just tell ya I fear for the poor soul who pissed her off.”

The statements of Dean Ambrose made during the interview have certainly excited a lot of wrestling fans. Several wrestling news websites, including Ringside Intel, have stated their excitement about a possible match involving Renee Young.

What the Future Brings for Renee Young?

Renee Young

Renee Young has undoubtedly a long career ahead of her as an announcer and host of Unfiltered. WWE fans simply adore Renee, which is also why they would love to see her in a WWE ring!

Renee Young

Until there is some news about a possible rivalry with the Miz and Maryse, we have to get more Renee from the new season of Total Divas! Still, no matter what is next, I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us!