Paige Posts Cryptic Message On Twitter – Seemingly Hinting At Pregnancy

Let’s go over the last few months of Paige’s life, shall we?

First, she was suspended twice for Wellness (drug) Violations.

During her suspension, she announced her engagement to fellow (now on Impact) star Alberto Del Rio (El Patron) and WWE announced they were co-producing a movie about her and her family’s life with The Rock.

Then photos and videos showing Paige engaging in sexual activity were stolen and placed on the Internet without her permission.

Del Rio and Paige apparently got married this past Wednesday.


Now, Paige has posted the following message on Twitter


If she is indeed pregnant, she won’t be returning to WWE for at least a year. It could also signal that she’s done with the company and possibly wrestling in general.

Now, it is April 1st. So it is possible that this is a prank. Though, a bit of a weird one. Considering what Paige has been going through the last few months, it would seem odd for her to throw out such a “joke.” One that I am sure her fans would fall for it instantly.

We’ll see if this turns out to be real or “kayfabe.”

*UPDATE* it appears to be actually a prank and in reference to a dog.


Share your thoughts. Is Paige done with WWE?

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