Our Favorite Moments From Piper’s Pit

We lost Roddy Piper two years ago, but we still miss the Hot Rod. April 17th would have been his 63rd birthday. Roddy defined what it meant to be a villain in wrestling. He wore a skirt and could still beat you up!

His promos were legendary and every heel in wrestling owes him a debt of gratitude.

Nowhere was his skill on the mic better than on his infamous talk show, “Piper’s Pit.”

To celebrate him, here are a few of our favorite moments from the ground-breaking segment stealer.

Piper confronts the Shield

In one of his final appearances on WWE TV, Roddy held a “Piper’s Pit” on Old School Raw to confront The Shield. The legend was unafraid of the Hounds of Justice and got right in their faces. Piper was defending fellow rebel CM Punk who was in the midst of what turned out to be the final feud of his WWE career. Piper, notes on his hands and all, was amazing. Getting inches away from Dean Ambrose’s face showed that he still had it!

Roddy and the Giant

Piper was afraid of anyone, and that included Andre the Giant, on this episode of Piper’s Pit, Roddy thought it would be a good idea to get in the monster’s face. Of course, it wasn’t.

Andre Turns on Hogan

Sometimes all Piper had to do was fan the flames a little bit and chaos would ensue. In the lead-up to Wrestlemania III, Piper’s Pit revealed that Andre the Giant had aligned with the dastardly Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. It turned Andre from the lovable Giant into the destructive monster. Hogan was devastated and Piper just sat back and let it all happen.

The Coconut

Even though a lot of fans might find it to be problematic by today’s standards, you can’t think about Piper’s Pit without thinking of Roddy crowning Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka with a coconut before tossing him through the set. Of all of Piper’s infamous moments, this one might be the biggest. It showed that he was not a man to take lightly and that he always had something up his sleeve.

What is your favorite Piper’s Pit moment? What is your favorite Roddy Piper moment? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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