NOVA Pro Wrestling Commonwealth Cup 2017 Results

Friday night NOVA Pro Wrestling held their Commonwealth Cup at the JCC of Northern Virginia in the DC suburb of Fairfax.

Nova has grown a lot in the last few years and is attracting high-level indie talent for their shows. Some of the independent scenes biggest names were on hand for the tournament.

1st round matches

Logan Easton Laroux vs. David Starr

LEL came out with his protege the “Young Lion” Alexander James. James interfered a great deal in the match.  Starr does a great dive to the outside and marches out into the crowd.

LeRoux wins with the help of James via a slingshot cutter

John Kermon vs. “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams

Match of the night. Both men are terrific grapplers and there were a lot of submissions and catch style wrestling. Kermon’s MMA and Muy Thai training really came through. Williams worked a hold on Kermon’s toes and then chopped the skin between his toes. It seems silly but it worked and the crowd was into it. First time I’ve ever seen that. Match also went to the outside and Kermon suplexes Hot Sauce on the bare wood gym floor.

Kermon wins via triangle choke when Williams passes out.

Alex Daniels vs Chet Sterling

Daniels styles himself the “Ben Affleck” of wrestling and takes off at least four different shirts with Affleck’s face on it. Everytime Daniels attacks he yells a different Affleck movie title.

Sterling wins via frog splash.

Tripp Cassidy of the Carnies vs. Arik Royal

Royal is probably the most over guy on the roster. He controls most of the match.

Royal wins via spear/football tackle.

Bobby Shields vs. Jonathan Gresham

Shields comes out to the Highlander theme song, which means he already won this whole thing. Turns into a bit of a comedy match. Gresham hocks a loogie at Shields, it misses but then Shields falls into it. There’s a funny spot where Shields, Gresham, and the ref all get low-blowed. The crowd laughs huge for that. Few other funny spots as well.

Shields wins via Gory Bomb

Donovan Dijak vs Tim Donst

Both guys hit hard. Dijak sends Donst on an Irish whip into the corner that is so hard the ring shakes. Dijak chokeslams Donst onto the apron.

Donst wins via crucifix pin after Dijak hit a springboard elbow drop. After the match Dijak roughs up Donst and hits him with Feast Your Eyes.

Semi-final double elimination Three Way Dances

Logan Easton Laroux vs John Kermon vs Chet Sterling

A lot of the match is Kermon and Sterling as Laroux keeps getting tossed out of the ring. Sterling pins Kermon and then Laroux immediately hits a cutter and roll up on Sterling for the win.

Tim Donst vs Bobby Shields vs Arik Royal

Easily the sloppiest match of the night. Guys didn’t seem to have good chemistry together. Donst came out limping with refs trying to stop him. Shields knocks Donst out quickly but he recovers gets into the ring and hits a dive on Shields. They trade chops and slaps for about two minutes. Donst hits a double backdrop suplex.

Shields pins Donst with his foot on the ropes. Royal football tackles Shields for the win.

Non-tournament action:

Faye Jackson vs. Brittany Blake

Faye is one of the most unique “big girls” in wrestling. The focal point of her gimmick and her offense is her butt. During pre-match patdowns, she makes the ref pat down her butt to the crowd chants of “Do Your Job!” The match wasn’t perfect but the crowd was into it the whole time. Faye uses her butt as a weapon and the crowd loves it.

Blake wins via top rope stomp to Jackson’s back (her actual back) 

The Carnies (Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful), Alexander James, Money Greene & Ethan Alexander Sharpe vs. Cutie & The Beast (Innocent Isaiah & Beau Crockett), Mecha Mercenary, Rayo and Slade Porter.

Fun time-filler match. Rayo is very over with the crowd. Lots of fun spots. Isiah gets on Beau’s back to hit a stunner on one of the Carnies. Money Greene throws fake money all over the ring. Good guys attack Greene and Sharpe’s mustaches and they sell it like death. Rayo is knocked out of the match by an interfering Bobby Shields. Mecha threatens a dive but is stopped by Money Greene. Rayo then takes out the group with a senton to the outside. Rayo is knocked out of the match by an interfering Bobby Shields. Mecha is only taken down after the heels all elbow him at the same time. Heels gain a cheap advantage at the end.

Bad guys win when Iggy rolls up Crockett.

Commonwealth Cup Final: Arik Royal vs Logan Easton Laroux

James interferes a lot. Laroux and Royal battle and hit each other with finishers. Laroux wins and ends Royal’s undefeated streak. Shields and James pop champagne in the ring.

A great night for Nova Pro Wrestling. They’re back at the same venue next month. We will be in attendance! 

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