Newly Designed NXT Title Belts To Be Unveiled At Takeover: Orlando

Before NXT Takeover: Orlando NXT General Manager William Regal made a HUGE announcement about the future of the brand!

NXT has been WWE’s hottest brand for a few years now, and the belts have not changed since NXT debuted. There have been no leaks yet on what the belts will look like, but I suspect they’ll look a bit more polished than the “indie” looking titles the “developmental territory” currently uses.

Maybe they’ll go full-bore indie, and they’ll look crazy and weirdly cheap but in a good way?

Image result for bad indie wrestling belts

Or maybe this is a prank? Though with all the media focused on WWE this weekend, I doubt it.

What do you think? Does NXT need new belts or do you like the old ones? Share your thoughts.

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