Jim Ross Returns To WWE To Call A Match At Wrestlemania

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JR is back behind the desk to call the Undertaker – Roman Reigns match. 

Another WWE Legend is making a big return to the company this weekend.

Pro Wrestling Sheet and others are reporting that former commentator Jim Ross is returning to call at least one match at Wrestlemania 33.

Ross was forced into retirement from WWE in 2013 after a panel he was running during Summerslam weekend got a bit of hand.

Here is JR explaining what happened and how it ended up costing him his gig at the time:

There’s no official word on which match or matches Ross will call, or if he is even really back with the company.

Some are reporting that he will be calling the Goldberg-Lesnar match for the WWE Universal Championship. This would add to the “Big fight Main Event” feel that WWE is building for the match, which has been the focal point for the promotion of this year’s Show of Shows. There’s also speculation that he will call the Undertaker-Roman Reigns match, as some people believe this will be Undertaker’s retirement match.

We will keep you updated on this. Stay tuned all weekend for Wrestlemania coverage